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Our core values

Customer Focus — The customer is at the heart of our everyday actions and sets our priorities. The concepts we develop are customer centric.

Leadership & Stewardship — Our aim is to develop and act as leaders & role models. We are open for change and improve things to leave a strong legacy. Communication is everybody's responsibility and needs to be handled proactively. It is everybody's responsibility to make our surrounding a better place.

Openness & Respect — We respect the individual and treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. We take time to listen and engage. We talk straight and give open and constructive feedback.

Quality & Commitment — We take full responsibility for the things we do and aim to do them right the first time with the highest degree of self-enablement. We take accountability for our tasks and proactively develop our competencies to provide feasible and high quality solutions.

Innovation & Pragmatism — Our solutions are innovative to give our customers a competitive advantage and foster thinking "out of the box". Our solutions are user-friendly, assuring that complex things are easy to handle and simple thinks stay simple.